Snooze Tabs

A Firefox add-on that simplifies browser tab management

A Firefox add-on that simplifies browser tab management

A Firefox add-on that simplifies browser tab management

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Design Challenge

How might we help people continue their tasks efficiently, over a period of time

How might we help people continue their tasks efficiently, over a period of time

How might we help people continue their tasks efficiently, over a period of time

Project Type

Mozilla Testpilot research program


I designed the initial UI for Snooze Tabs Firefox add-on and further refined it for commercialization, under the guidance of Sevaan Franks. During this period, I streamlined the UX through discussions with the stakeholders over video calls.


User Research, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Prototyping


Parag Nandi, Sevaan Franks, Blake W, Erica W, Les Orchard, Peter Dehaan, Emil Pasca, Ciprian Muresan

About Mozilla Testpilot

Test Pilot is a series of experiments and research initiatives intended to convert a rough concept to a commercialized Firefox feature or Add-on. It combines iterative prototyping, user research, and an opt-in user-facing testing platform. Experiments go through phases that are designed to evaluate new feature concepts quickly and at a low cost.

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Research Methods

UL Red

Literature Study(Firefox Research documents on Save, Share, Revisit, Workflow & Task Continuity)

Interview Red

Dipstick interviews with IIT Roorkee students, alumni, and faculty to understand browser usage behavior

Key Insights

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Most people use small, immediate tools such as text messages and screenshots to save, manage content and string together larger tasks.

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Tasks and contents are often recalled through cues like an open browser tab. Most people rely on memory to remember and continue a task.

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When saving content, most people intended to revisit it within a short time frame — usually the same day or within a few days.

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Over a while, people often forget to revisit the tabs and open a new window to carry on with the next task.

Problem Statement

Design an easy-to-use tool for saving and revisiting browser tabs that could streamline the task-continuity workflow for users.

User Interface Solution

UL Red

Initial Sketches and Wireframes

SnoozeTabs Animation

Low-fidelity Mockup


Icon Explorations

Workflow Conceptualization

Workflow Conceptualization

SnoozeTabs UI Final-01
SnoozeTabs UI Final-02
SnoozeTabs UI Final-03
SnoozeTabs UI Final-04
SnoozeTabs UI Final-05
SnoozeTabs UI Final-06
SnoozeTabs UI Final-07
SnoozeTabs UI Final-08

Final Deliverables

SnoozeTabs 3
SnoozeTabs Branding

SnoozeTabs Branding for launch on Testpilot

What We Learned

58,000+ people used Snooze Tabs over about 400,000 sessions

“Tomorrow,” “Pick a Date/Time,” and “Later Today” were the most selected time options for snoozing and re-snoozing. This suggests that people tend to anticipate continuing with a browser task in the short term rather than anticipating what they will do in the next few weeks.

More than half of the tabs that were snoozed were snoozed when woken. This data suggests that people may have a hard time accurately predicting when they will be able to return to a task.

We saw that most woken tabs were given focus, which suggests that the feature may have at least helped people remember the snoozed tasks.

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What's Next

Snooze Tabs has graduated from a Tespilot experiment to a Firefox add-on. It is available for all Firefox users from the Add-ons Website

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