Samsung UI Design

Applications for Galaxy Watch,Watch Active & Active2

Applications for Galaxy Watch,Watch Active & Active2

Applications for Galaxy Watch,Watch Active & Active2

Applications for Galaxy Watch,Watch Active & Active2

Watch Apps


Define the end-to-end user experience for 4 Galaxy Watch Applications


6 Weeks - Guidelines delivery & QA testing


As the UI Owner of the apps, I designed the user journey, information architecture, and the Interface design. I created the UI guidelines and worked with the PM, software team for commercialization.


User Research, Persona Creation, Information architecture, Interaction Design

Camera Controller Logo

Problem Statement

Design a companion app for Watch to work with Galaxy S10 and Note 10 phone cameras.


Secondary research on Professional Photography was conducted to understand the usage of remote shutter

Phone Camera App Analytics and VoC was used to draw the user needs

Consolidated insights were used for rapid whiteboard brainstorming and to create paper prototypes for user testing

This led to the creation of the final UI Solution

Key Insights


People mostly use remote shutter for low light, long exposure photography and group selfies


Users also look for functions like touch focus, switching camera modes which are often not present in the physical remote shutters


Often users are away from the camera and have anxiety if the frame is captured correctly


Timer function is generally used to avoid shake in long exposure photos and to capture the frame in a relaxed manner

UI Design Solution


Tap on “Open Camera” Button to launch camera app on Phone.

The Phone camera viewfinder opens on the watch


Tap Capture button to take photos

Swipe up/down to switch betwen front and back cameras


Camera mode such as Photo, Video can be changed from the phone

Tap on the frame to focus on the touched area


Timer on/off can be toggled from the watch

Last selected timer value on the phone is taken (2/5/10 sec)


Camera Controller is one of the USP features of Galaxy Watch Active2, as shown on the Samsung Global Website.


Camera Controller is shown as an integral part of the Galaxy Watch Active2: Product Story (feat. Roy Choi)

* UI Guidelines and Research Analysis are NDA restricted and cannot be shown here

VM Logo

Problem Statement

Design a watch app to enable users to see their current speed at a glance


Phone Voice Recorder App Analytics, VoC, Qualitative Research, Benchmarking

Key Insights

1 Green

Most recordings are of 30 sec - 1 min which indicates that people record brief but important moments

2 Green

Saving the Voice to Text came out as an important need as it would help many users in note taking.


Upfront CTA to start recording


Visual feedback of ongoing recording


Play recorded memos later


Voice Memos saved as Text

* UI Guidelines and Research Analysis are NDA restricted and cannot be shown here

SP Logo

Problem Statement

Design an app to let users know their speed on the Galaxy Watch


Benchmarking of physical speedometers and apps, VoC, Interviews with cyclists

Key Insights

1 Red

Cyclists and hobbyist e.g. skateboarders are the likely target users of this app, as their vehicles don’t have speedometers.

2 Red

For such users, speed readings must be visible in motion. Performance tracking e.g. top speed, distance, etc is also very important.


Start tracking your speed (Unit: Kmph, mph)


Speed tracking screen is pinned on top of watchface for easy access


List of journeys which can be sorted based on top speed and date


Deatiled view shows top and average speeds, distance and time taken

* UI Guidelines and Research Analysis are NDA restricted and cannot be shown here

PPT Logo

Problem Statement

Design an app to streamline a presentation delivery using the Galaxy Watch


Interviews with presenters (novice to pro), Benchmarking of existing apps and VoC

Key Insights

1 Orange

Changing slides during presentation requires attention switching between audience and the laptop. It breaks the presentor’s flow of delivery.

2 Orange

Most presentations are time-bound and users often feel anxious about their time management. It affects their presentation delivery.

P 1

Slideshow button can be used to enter ful-screen presentation mode

P 2

Next/Prev buttons and Watch Bezel can be used to quickly change slides.


Wrap-up and Interval alerts helpuser stay on track

P 4

Touchpad can be used as a mouse pointer by moving finger on watch

* UI Guidelines and Research Analysis are NDA restricted and cannot be shown here


Watch is the most intimate device which is always on the user’s body

The small screen of the watch demands nimble interactions and only the most important time and context-relevant information

Smartwatch is designed for short and frequent interactions

Currently watch is more suited for consumption rather than creation. This can change as technology advances.

The small screen of the watch brings challenges of navigation and occlusion.

Information design for watch apps is as important as its visual design.

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