OzCHI 2016 DC

Designing meaningful solutions to enhance well-being among elderly


Design Challenge

How might we increase the overall happiness quotient among the elderly

How might create a financial platform for users who have very lessknowledge of technology

Project Type

24 Hour Student Design Challenge


Led the literature research to define the problem space, designed the user journey for the solution


Literature Research, Persona Creation, User Journey Map, Concept Development


Parag Nandi, Rachit Chopra, Roopal Gupta

About OzCHI 2016 Student Design Challenge (SDC)

OzCHI Student Design Challenge answers the emerging needs of Social Innovation. It encourages the designers to develop their skills in contemporary artifacts, products, and services that engage with interactive, user-focused technologies and processes.

Student teams from around the world participate in the 24-hour challenge to develop a solution for a given HCI research problem.

For more details, check out: http://www.ozchi.org/ozchi2016/design.html

Research Methods

UL Violet

Literature Research

User Journey Map

User Journey Map


Persona Creation

Contextual Diagram

Contextual Diagram

Key Insights

UL Violet

Research Paper submitted during OzCHI 2016

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OzCHI 2016 Student Design ChallengeDesigning meanigful solutions to enhance well-being among the elderly

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